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I'm Chrissy Hayden, a functional nutritionist, massage therapist, and owner of an integrative wellness center where I have helped clients just like you turn the dial down on their joint pain and get their lives back over the last fourteen years!

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I help women rebuild their health from the ground up and inside out using food as medicine so they can get back to a life they ENJOY.

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Joint Pain

Osteoarthritis, rheumatoid arthritis, or psoriatic arthritis? I've got your back, knees, hands, feet, or <insert joint here>.

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Gut Health

Want lasting relief from IBS, constipation, diarrhea, bloating, or acid reflux? You've come to the right place.

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There are 80 known AI conditions. If you have one (or more), I have advanced training to support you.

Resources to Get You Started

I'm passionate about sharing my knowledge so you can become a better expert in YOU. No more analysis paralysis.

Quick Start Guide - Journaling

Quickstart Guide to Food and Symptom Journaling

This FREE actionable guide is the very first step ALL of my clients take to begin making sense of their body's quiet whispers (or loud groans)!

CH Website 9 for 9 Challenge FINAL

Join the Next Freedom From Pain 9 for 9 Challenge!

Did you know that it is recommended to eat at least nine servings of fruits and vegetables per day as part of an anti-inflammatory lifestyle?

What Clients Are Saying

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L.K., Arlington, Virginia

Chrissy is one of the most compassionate and nurturing health care professionals I've ever worked with. That is why as a massage client first, I trusted her to help me in my nutrition journey, as well.

Her excitement and passion for her work, as well as the in-depth knowledge about the science behind the Freedom From Pain Protocol that she shares, all builds trust and understanding of why her method is effective.

After a few weeks on the Protocol, I saw positive changes in my body including reduced pain, digestive improvements, and a boosted mood. Now that I have all this information, I have the motivation to follow the Protocol to better take care of my body."

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