About Me

I'm Chrissy Hayden, a functional nutritionist, licensed massage therapist, and founder of The Freedom From Pain Protocol, my evidence-based program to help clients reduce joint pain, achieve digestive wellness, and regain their energy - naturally!


I attended Maryland University of Integrative Health in Laurel, Maryland to receive my Master of Science in Nutrition & Integrative Health. Prior to that, I obtained a Bachelor of Arts in Communication from George Mason University in Fairfax, Virginia.


I am certified by the Board for Certification of Nutrition Specialists and a Professional Member of the American Nutrition Association.

My Story

I am a proud wife and mama of two small boys, 4 and 7 years old! My husband, Keith, has a graduate degree in nutrition, as well. We nourish our bodies with a nutrient-dense diet, but have the occasional brownie (we're human, too!).


While I don’t suffer from joint pain, I was brought into this profession with my own health challenges -- autoimmune thyroid disease and gut health issues, which share the same root cause of most inflammatory conditions.


It was really not until I entered the alternative health field and left a crazy stressful job in public relations that I began to heal my own body. And that journey continues! 

Private Practice

I am the owner of The Art of Health, an integrative wellness center in Arlington, Virginia, that focuses on improving our clients' quality of life using therapeutic massage, clinical nutrition, and yoga therapy. I founded this practice in 2008 and often joke that it's my first born child!


I work with clients in all corners of the country, but this is my home base where I get to work along side an amazingly talented team. If you're local, come see us!

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