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Introducing The Freedom From Pain 9 for 9 Challenge!

Did you know that it is recommended to eat at least nine servings of fruits and vegetables per day as part of an anti-inflammatory lifestyle? When we flood our bodies with phytonutrients, we are giving our cells what they need to function optimally. Here are just a few benefits of eating more plant foods:

  • Less pain and inflammation. There are compounds in plants that can reduce inflammatory markers and minimize the resulting free radical damage in our bodies!
  • Better digestion. The fiber found in fruits and veggies keeps things moving and feeds the good bacteria in our colon, which is essential for many things -- including synthesizing certain vitamins.
  • Happier muscles and joints. Our connective tissue needs certain nutrients to maintain and repair so we can move fluidly and many of these nutrients can be found in plants!
  • Optimized body composition. When we eat the rainbow, we naturally consume the right ratios of carbohydrates, proteins and fat, which helps us maintain a healthy weight and body composition.

So, what's the challenge? Eating 9 servings of fruits and vegetables a day for 9 days!

Join the Next Challenge!

The 9 for 9 Challenge is currently closed, but join the waitlist for the next one and we'll let you know when it's go time...

Setting You Up for Success

If you bring the commitment, I'll bring the road map and all of the other components necessary for you to rock these nine days!

For just $1 per day (yep, four quarters), you can majorly kickstart your health so you can become a plant-powered, moving and grooving, wellness warrior!

You can start the challenge as soon as you sign up and here's how I will support you:

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Meal Plan and Recipes

You'll get a 7-day well-balanced sample meal plan with 11 recipes and 6 snack ideas complete with grocery list to take the stress out of asking yourself the question, "what should I eat?"

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Daily Inspiration

You'll get an e-mail every single day with a mix of encouragement, fun facts, pro tips, and mini lessons to empower you, up level your knowledge, and keep you motivated!

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Community Support

You can reach out in our Facebook community to celebrate your wins and talk through any challenges you encountered and reply back to my e-mails to chat with me about your progress!

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Planning ahead is key, but so is a system to keep yourself accountable. Along with the meal plan, recipe packet, and grocery list, you'll receive a worksheet where you can track your servings each day!

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Early Enrollment

If you want to keep the momentum going, you'll get first priority to enroll in the next round of The Freedom From Pain Protocol AND a healthy discount for participating in the challenge!

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